WHY? MLI's mission is to empower your potential to become an effective leader who multiplies influence, growth, and hope within you and around you.

WHAT? MLI is a one-year paid development program that will take participants through important and vital themes of effective and reproductive leadership; including emotional health and intelligence, casting vision, trust, care and empathy, and perseverance.

HOW? MLI consists of 24 group meetings and one-on-one meetings, primarily led by Thomas and Cece Manning. Thomas is the Lead Pastor of Kinport Assembly of God and has a Master's in Organizational Leadership from the University of Valley Forge. Cece has a Master's of Education from the University of Pittsburgh. Additionally, other teachers with extensive leadership experience for group teachings will be available throughout the year. There will be a group retreat halfway through the program, and participants will apprentice and observe in a leadership atmosphere they feel called to serve and/or lead in their organization.

WHEN? MLI will launch on Thursday, January 26, 2023, and will meet together as a group every other Thursday evening throughout the year. One-on-one meetings will be scheduled based on your availability.

WHERE? MLI will meet at Kinport Assembly of God in Cherry Tree, Pa. Group size will determine the meeting location within the church. Additionally, there will be some online options offered if you are applying outside the community area.

To apply to the Multipliers Leadership Initiative, click on this link to get started!