Next Steps to Connect to Kinport!

We hope Kinport feels like home to you, and as you journey through faith we have multiple ways you can grow and connect! Take a look at the options below and let us help you through your adventure!

Did you recently receive Jesus as your Savior? Get water baptized!
Join an in-depth Bible study through our Community Builders program!
Join a Kinport Community, a small gathering of like-minded people who can grow in relationship together and build support and trust with one another.

The Kinport Growth Track

We have multiple ways for you to connect with our church! Are you new? Want to become a member? Feel called to be a leader? Sign up for one of our Growth Tracks!

Are you new to Kinport? Connect with our pastors!
Is Kinport your home church? Join our Serve Team and become a member!
Are you a member? Grow in your leadership!