The History of Kinport Assembly of God

Our church roots begin in the 1930's, when a group of friends and neighbors started to meet together in the woods for fellowship and growth in God. They were eventually gifted land to start a church in the village of Kinport. The church launched as Kinport Evangelical Church. It grew for decades and expanded into ther 1970's where it officially joined the Assemblies of God. 

As growth continued, the facilities the church met in were no longer large enough to hold everyone, and so a new building was constructed a few miles west into what is now our current facility. Despite the church moving into the town of Cherry Tree, Pa, the leadership of the church decided to retain the name Kinport Assembly of God, which it had adopted when it joined the A/G. 

Kinport now stands for the combined words kin - meaning "those related by a common descendant", who is Jesus Christ, and port - which means "a place of refuge in a storm". In 2008, a gymnasium and multi-purpose space was built and the church once again began to experience growth in the number of people calling the church home. 

In 2015, the decision was made based on the limits of the sanctuary at the time, and the church went through a restructuring phase where the gymnasium and multi-purpose space was renovated and became the Kinport Ministry Center, our primary auditorium where we gather for Sunday service. The old sanctuary became our Next Gen Center, where children and youth meet regularly. 

Today, hundreds of people consider Kinport to be their home church. We have thriving ministries that reach a variety of demographics in our region. We continue to strive for God's best and refuse to believe that we are limited by our location and resources. God has always been faithful, and friends have continued to gather for nearly 90 years!