Matthew, Chapter 24: 4-13, and Revelation, Chapter 6: 9-17
What Am I Willing to Leave at the Altar?

As we learn to follow and represent Jesus, how can we leave behind the things that burden us? Jesus' death on the cross provided an example of how we can leave what oppresses us at the altar of God!

We are waiting for the return of the King! Jesus is coming again, and we see a small preview of what's to come in the final book of the Bible, Revelation. In this series, Pastor Thomas teaches and encourages us chapter by chapter on how we can be prepared, ready, and take action before we see the return of Jesus!

We pray that our Worship Service will encourage and empower you! Our mission is to EMPOWER people for LIFE and we do so through discipling people in the image of Jesus Christ to LOVE, SERVE, and GO!